October 2, 2022
Indian Food

Must Try Foods When Visiting India 

When it comes to the cuisine of India, it is impossible to make a mistake due to the country’s extensive range of different cooking styles. Even if a significant amount of food has been sent worldwide, it may be difficult to tell the difference between authentic recipes and those that have been altered.

We have compiled a list of the top ten traditional Indian meals you must have when travelling around India. The most traditional eating businesses can be found in this area, making it ideal for anyone interested in cuisine.

  • Masala Dosa

Perhaps South India’s most notable contribution to the world of gastronomy is the masala dosa. This preparation method originated in the region. Rice, flour, and lentils are often combined into a thin batter used to make dosas in India. It is impossible to make dosas unless the batter has been let soak in water for at least one full day.

The batter is now at the point where it can be put onto a heated Tava (griddle pan) and formed into the customary crepe shape. Dosas are often served in South India folded in half and packed with potatoes. Whether served with sambar or various fillings, dosas are always a wonderful and substantial option for breakfast, lunch, or supper. This is true whether they are served with sambar or not.

  • Chaat

One of India’s most well-liked savory snacks is chaat, a well-known street dish in Delhi. The name of this meal is derived from three Hindi words that imply “delicacy,” “finger-licking,” and “to eat with pleasure,” and the dish itself lives up to all three of those descriptions.

  • Dal Makhani (lentil soup)

Even though most foodies are acquainted with dal, nothing compares to witnessing its roots in India. This soup-like dish, known as dal in Hindi, is made from little black lentils cooked for hours. This lentil meal has several varieties, but dal makhani is the best. Given that makhani means “buttery” in Hindi, it should be no surprise that this Indian classic is rich and creamy. This venue is the sole option for hosting major events, such as weddings. To get authentic goods, go to Punjab in northern India.

  • Vada Pav

Vada pav is a popular snack for folks who like consuming large quantities of carbs. Vada pav is the closest equivalent to a vegetarian meal in India. To accommodate the many preferences of Indians throughout the country, the meal is sometimes served with chutney and green chilli. These little potato buns, popularly known as Bombay burgers, are sold by street food sellers in Mumbai.

  • Dhokla

Gujarati dhokla, a vegetarian snack of rice and split chickpeas, is considered a regional delicacy of northwest India. Gujaratis eat it for breakfast, lunch, and sometimes as a snack or side dish; you won’t believe how delicious it is. This Gujarati delicacy, served with a chili and coriander chutney that has been deep-fried, is a wonderful delight. In addition to soaking the rice and splitting chickpeas overnight, dhokla preparation needs many hours. The meal is then seasoned with chili, coriander, ginger, and baking soda to help it rise into bite-sized pieces.

These are some of the finest dishes to try in India. Authentic to the respective place, these dishes can win your heart.