October 2, 2022

Why Salsa Is The Best Condiment Ever

If you are a salsa lover, you know that salsa comes in many great flavors with so many great ingredients. Traditionally, you will find tomato, onion, and jalapeno in salsa, but what about other ingredients? How about fruits like mango, pineapple, or cucumber? If you haven’t tried these in your salsa, then you are missing out on some fantastic salsas!

Salsa can be as straightforward or as complex as you like. You can toss fresh tomatoes in olive oil with garlic salt, and pepper and call it salsa – but I don’t think that a salsa lover would be satisfied with just that! You can buy salsa at the store, but I believe that salsa tastes so much better when it is made from fresh ingredients.

Fresh tomatoes, fresh green onions, and fresh cilantro are my trio of must-have ingredients for any salsa I make. In addition, you can add fresh bell peppers, herbs, terpenes, and other seasonings like cumin to create a unique salsa that pleases the pallet from this base.

Why Do Fresh Ingredients Taste So Good?

A salsa that contains fresh ingredients will taste better than salsa made with salsa from a jar or salsa mix.

Here is why:

* Fresh ingredients are full of flavor. Tomatoes, onions, and peppers contain more nutrients when they are fresh off the vine instead of jarred or canned. Pre-made salsa mixes, which have been on the grocery store shelf for months, really lack the flavor that a fresh salsa mix has. For example, a jar of Pace Picante just doesn’t compare to a salsa that has been made from vine ripe tomatoes.

What Can You Eat Salsa With?

Most people think about chips and salsa when they think about eating salsa, but what other foods go good with fresh salsa? Well, salsa goes great with just about any Mexican dish. Try salsa on fajitas, burritos, or paired with a spicy chili. You can even use salsa as a dip for crunchy tacos and tostadas.

#SpoonTip: Try salsa with your next omelet recipe!

How To Add Spice To Your Salsa

Some people like hot salsa, others like it mild, so how do you get it hotter? There are several salsa recipes out there, using different salsa ingredients to add spice. Green salsa is one of those salsa recipes that have the ability to make salsa spicy; green salsa uses fresh chile peppers and a bunch of ingredients like cilantro, tomatillos, and onion. There are other chilis out there like serranos, ghost chili, and cayenne that can really add some kick to a dish.

How To Fix Your Salsa If It Is Too Hot!

How do you make salsa not hot? Salsa is a salsa dip that can be used to add salsa flavor and salsa spice to just about anything. Since salsa has fresh salsa ingredients that are picked, salsa can be prepared in many different ways, like pineapple salsa, mango salsa, or even peach salsa. The condiment goes well with items ranging from chips to grilled meats. But what happens when you have added too much spice, how do you tone it down? Well, the answer is pretty simple, add more fresh ingredients like home grown vine-ripe tomatoes and onions, and don’t hesitate to add a little water or freshly squeezed juice to dilute the heat if it is too much.

Create Eat – Rinse And Repeat 

One of the most essential things you can do is create your own salsa variations. Read salsa recipes online, watch videos on salsa making, eat out at restaurants that serve fresh salsa, and continue learning. You can make so many variations of salsas that you could literally spend ten years becoming a salsa aficionado. So, please do yourself a favor, create it, eat it, and do it again!!